Cessna 172 Plane Rides - Defiance Ohio

Airplane rides are available daily in northwest Ohio. Contact TAS Aviation at Defiance Airport to schedule a plane ride for a family member, friend or yourself.

Call 419 658 4444

1 to 3 Passengers

Depending on weight and balance, up to 3 passengers can enjoy the plane ride. Adults may be limited to two.

Plane Ride Gift Certificates

Birthdays, anniversaries and special dates are all great reasons to gift an airplane ride. An experience to be remembered forever.

Sightseeing Northwest Ohio

Fly over landmarks special to you in Defiance County. Don’t forget to take pictures and video from your phone during your flight!

Defiance Plane Ride Plans and Pricing

This is the one time you will need to be honest about how much you weigh. To fly safely, a weight and balance needs to be completed before take off. Depending on body weight 1-3 passenger(s) can taken per flight.

Ever Imagine Why You Would Consider Your Plane Ride?

Don’t make us give you all the reasons, let your dreams run wild so we can do the flying!

“I have always had a dream to fly in a small plane. On my birthday my family surprised me with a 1/2 hour plane ride. It was amazing! I was able to see downtown Defiance, the Auglaize and Maumee Rivers, General Motors Foundry and many of my friend’s homes. This is a present I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you Tim for being a great pilot and my family for the lasting memory.”

“I took my three girls out to the airport to watch planes take off at Defiance County Airport. I never realized they offer plane rides daily. My three little girls we so excited, I couldn’t resist letting them experience flying over the city I grew up in. Lets just say, they have not stopped talking about their airplane ride for weeks. They keep asking daddy when they can go again!”

“I decided to create a special date for my girlfriend by going on a plane ride before dinner. Not only did the flight over Defiance and Bryan create some great memories, it also got me motivated to get my Pilots License. We are now planning on going on more flights together and flying to Put In Bay during the summer for riding bikes around the island and eating some amazing fish tacos.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Northwest Ohio Plane Rides

How much does it cost for 1 person to go 1/2 hour?

Due to operational cost of the airplane and pilot it is a minimum of $80/half hour. Depending if you would like to go up alone or take someone with you the cost will be the same.

What is your refund policy?

We offer pre takeoff refunds to all customers within 1 year of your purchase. No refunds after the plane ride has started.

What happens if the weather is not favorable the day of our plane ride?

We want to ensure you are enjoying your flight. If the weather is not favorable we will do our best to call you before your arrival to the airport for your plane ride. We will reschedule as needed.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time as long as schedules permit. Payments will be required in advance.

If I pay for 1 hr for 2 people can I break it into 2 half hour flights?

Yes, you can do them on the same day or two different days. It is not necessary for the same people to be the next half hour flight.

This could be your plane ride over Defiance!

If you have unanswered questions, feel free to drop us a line.