Cessna 208 Caravan

Cessna 208 Caravan flying in the dark over Brazil. The in flight photo from the cockpit at night provides an amazing view of the city off the Cessna Caravan nose. Send Baden Aviation your aerial photos while flying in the dark for everyone to see!

Low Landing

Low Landing view from the cockpit of a small airplane landing in Ocumare del Tuy located in the Miranda State in northern Venezuela. Adding a little power will get this planing landing safely on the runway.

Short Final

Short Final cockpit view of landing in 1968 Piper Cherokee 180 for 14 at Santa Rosa (STS).  Send Baden Aviation your cockpit landing photos for everyone to experience.

Aeronca Champ

Aeronca Champ cockpit in flight photo around Knightdale, NC. Do you have in flight cockpit photos you would like to share? Send your in flight aircraft photography to Baden Aviation today.